The spreadsheet that fills itself

Let an army of AI agents do your research for you.

“It's been an actual lifesaver so thank you.”
Jon K.
Founder, Benbase
“Two weeks of work just turned into minutes; there is no going back.”
Azeem S.
AE, Tech sales
"Suddenly I'm excited to tackle my backlog of research tasks.”
Chelsea G.
Investor, VC
"We've tried everything, including human labelers. This workflow is by far the most efficient.”
Mike W.
CEO, Insurance

Agents you can trust

Multiple sources and honest confidence scores for each answer in every cell. Fully transparent research process.

Connect to all your data

Analyze not just public data, but also proprietary data.

Zero learning curve

Nothing like the spreadsheets of the past. Accomplish anything using natural language.

Infinitely extensible

Build any custom automation you can think of to make Matrices fit into your workflow.

Personalized for you

Input context about you and your goals to get results that are tailored to you.

After trying Matrices, it has become obvious that a large fraction of all work in the future will be done this way.
Lavanya S.
VP, Weights & Biases

The future is AI-native.

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